Important dates in the history of Fabella.

FY = Fabella Year

Age of Creation or Prehistory

Overview: “Age of Creation” is a broad term for prehistoric Fabella prior to the invention of the wheel. The first generation of humanoids were created from plant life in the Hagen Peninsula of what is now the Island of Orenda. In the year 25, we see an archaic pyramid style caste system develop with centaurs at the top, fauns and elves in the middle and everyone else on the bottom. Segregation between tribes made up of the same species developed as a direct result of this system. Additional key events include the human revolt, the first tribal terror attack, and sun-dried clay brick homes.

4000 BC | 1 FY – Fabella is born. Col becomes the first living being created. Emit and Lilith are born.

3999 BC | 2 FY – Angels start seasonal migration.

3998 BC | 3 FY – People start splitting up into groups of species.

3996 BC | 5 FY – Use of stone tools begins.

3991 BC | 10 FY – The first birth. Madar gives birth to Awn. Emit meets Lucis.

3976 BC | 25 FY – Emit swears to protect Fadir’s family. Emit kills Col and becomes immortal.

3929 BC | 72 FY – Saga tribes in Astar settle permanently in Cambia.

3871 BC | 130 FY – Humans are liberated from Hagen.

3693 BC | 308 FY – Goblins attack human settlement of Caye . First premeditated terror attack.

3680 BC | 321 FY – Adaros begin trading with elves in Hagen.

Civilization Age

Overview: The invention of the wheel by humans in the Erikun Tribe of Orenda effectively began the Age of Civilization. The Rise of Punt is notable in this era because Punt is the ancient precursor to the Sheba Union. Punt started out in the lost continent of Kathara as a city led by the angels, but sagas took over in the Second Dynasty. Major innovations in this age include grooming habits, monuments, early writing, and magic staffs.

3500 BC | 501 FY – Invention of the wheel. Alphyns are domesticated.

3289 BC | 712 FY – First pictographic writing system.

3164 BC | 837 FY – Construction of Stonehenge. The Loch Ness Monster is trapped on Earth.

3005 BC | 996 FY – The kingdom of Nella is established.

3000 BC | 999 FY – Discovery of magic.

2999 BC | 1000 FY – Set  and Anubis first enter Fabella.

2879 BC | 1122 FY – The kingdom of Punt is established. Sobek Cadmus writes the Twelve Commandments.

2728 BC | 1273 FY – Kernie Civilization rises in Astar.

2700 BC | 1301 FY – Punt erects the first dam.

2676 BC | 1325 FY – Angels deliver writing to the Cambians of Astar.

2647 BC | 1354 FY – Cultures arise in the Redwinter Mountains of Aflar.

2599 BC | 1402 FY – Study of brium constellations begins in Nella.

2574 BC | 1427 FY –  Bastet meets Emit.

2572 BC | 1429 FY – Arentiums begin invasion of Fabella.

2450 BC | 1551 FY – Punt begins trading with Egypt.

2414 BC | 1587 FY – The Wonderful Obelisks of Punt are completed.

2385 BC | 1616 FY – Punt institutes first 365 day calendar. New Year begins in spring.

2239 BC | 1762 FY – Pernum Civilization develops.

The Age of Dynasties

Overview: The Age of Dynasties is also the Age of War. Conflicts between budding empires and people which had been brewing for centuries eventually boiled over and wars erupted all over the world. The first recorded war on Fabella took place between the kingdoms of Punt and the underwater kingdom of Hielfdal. Ancient Punt at this time was controlled by the angels, so this conflict was literally one which pitted the sky against the sea. The greatest battle of this war was the Battle on Monkbat Bay. Other notable conflicts include the Kernies invasion of Cambia in Astar, Trismacus the Conqueror’s Tweleve Conquests, and the Puntian Civil War.  Queen Beyonce also established the kingdom of Fantasia in this era which led to the first hospitals, schools, and theater auditoriums in Fabella. Fantasia was also the first kingdom to develop the alphabet and volleyball.

2029 BC | 1972 FY – The first war. Punt vs. Nella.

2006 BC | 1995 FY – A rebel group of Arentiums split off to create The Titans led by Set.  First Titanic War begins.

1993 BC | 2008 FY – The Sea People’s Rebellion. Adaros vs. Angels.

1972 BC | 2029 FY – Battle at Embasin Cove. Bloodiest battle of the Sea People’s Rebellion.

1973 BC | 2030 FY – Fantastica is established in northern Aflar.

1944 BC | 2057 FY – The Kingdom of Igna Rises in Astar.

1823 BC | 2178 FY – Kernies invade Cambia.

1757 BC | 2244 FY – Sara, Daughter of Ebert, establishes the kingdom of Leprechaun in what is now Ireland.

1463 BC | 2538 FY – The Temple of Rovel is completed in the Cambia city state of Nydel.

1335 BC | 2666 FY – Fantastica seizes control of Olympia.

1284 BC | 2717 FY – The Kingdom of Igna falls.

1139 BC | 2862 FY – Trismacus the Conquerer defeats Muspelheim in his first of twelve conquests.

1125 BC | 2876 FY – Iron used for weapons and tools in Kathara.

1120 BC | 2881 FY – Puntian Civil War. The Kingdom of Sheba in Sakria is born.

11oo BC | 2901 FY – Fantasticans develop first alphabet.

1053 BC | 2948 FY – Magnetic Compass invented in Euplar.

971 BC | 3030 FY – Rhea gives birth to Zeus. Emit adopts him as his son.

The Olympian Age

850 BC | 3151 FY – Battle on Mount Olympus. Fantastica vs. Sheba. First Titanic War ends. Zeus kills Set. Birth of the Olympians.

800 BC | 3201 FY – Birth of Aphrodite.

744 BC | 3257 FY – First Athletic Games competition held in Fantastica.

719 BC | 3282 FY – The Silverbow Dynasty of Nysa begins.

694 BC | 3307 FY – The Niburan Republic begins in Western Euplar.

630 BC | 3371 FY – Vard holds first recorded Senate gathering.

600 BC | 3401 FY – First coins used for monetary transactions in Sheba.

550 BC | 3451 FY – Thoth founds the “Fraternity of Theory” in Olympia. An assembly of bright scientific minds to study the Principals of Magic.

522 BC | 3479 FY – The Caloman Kingdom dominates Orenda.

470 BC | 3531 FY – Aphrodite meets and falls in love with Arcadeus. Zeus kills Arcadeus. Aphrodite breaks away from the Olympians.

469 BC | 3532 FY – Aphrodite recruits Bastet as her first apostle.

408 BC | 3593 FY – Auntim Daris travels in Dalima.

390 BC | 3611 FY – Niburu and Sheba face off in a war over Sakria.

388 BC | 3613 FY – The Asinya Empire rises in Dalima.

328 BC | 3673 FY – Bastet and Aphrodite establish the kingdom of Kalithead.

302 BC | 3699 FY – Mallocs conquer Sakria.

293 BC | 3708 FY – Fantastica becomes a Democratic Republic.

238 BC | 3763 FY – The Great Wizard Bladorthin takes control of Niburu.

230 BC | 3771 FY – Bladorthin institutes a “leap year” and puts Niburu on a 12 month calendar.

218 BC | 3783 FY – Bladorthin is assassinated by the killing curse in Niburu.

 129 BC | 3872 FY – The rise of Petosia.

1 AD | 4001 FY – Gregorian Calendar of Rome doesn’t have a year 0 AD so we go from 1 BC to 1 AD.

2 AD | 4002 FY – Petosians strive to unite Sakria.

5 AD | 4005 FY – Han-Rum restores Nysa.

11 AD | 4011 FY – Fall of the Calomen of Orenda.

33 AD | 4033 FY – Banshee Plague begins. Centaurs are declassified as people because they are “unclean.”

34 AD | 4034 FY – Aphrodite’s Dissolution occurs after she turns evil and is possessed by Malum.

35 AD | 4035 FY – Bastet exorcises Malum out of Aphrodite.

The Age of Monsters or Age of Tyrants

Overview: In the history of Fabella, the Age of Monsters or medieval period lasted from 4500 — 5317. It began with the fall of the Western Atlantean Empire and merged into the Age of Revolution. This era is called the Age of Monsters because of the sharp incline of monster attacks — dragons in particular — and the Necromancer Army. The period ended with the invention of the flying broomstick and St. Tara’s successful annihilation of Dark Lord Set. Disease,  widespread wars, and monster migration contributed largely to the sharp decline of population. Religious upheaval, shrinking population, war, and expansion in the Late Olympian Age continued in the Early Middle Ages. The period was marked by large scale wars between the Sheban and Fantasian Empires in the west and the rise and fall of the Necromancers in the East. Aphrodisian continued its rise in popularity following Aphrodite’s death due largely in part to the efforts of St. Bastet. The Rise of the Ispatians pitted them against Aphrodesians in the Heart War, a holy war which nearly tore the world apart. 

36 AD | 4036 FY  – Bastet becomes leader of the Aphrodesian faith.

37 AD | 4037 FY – Zeus forms the Council of Twelve. An assembly of twelve officials to control every aspect of Earth and Fabella.

38 AD | 4038 FY – Ispatia breaks away from Aphrodesia to start her own faith. Ispatian is born.

45 AD | 4045 FY – Bastet becomes the first Grand Priestess of Aphrodesia.

48 AD | 4048 FY – Ispatians burn the city of Kalithead. The Heart War begins.

50 AD | 4050 FY – First dragon colony attack on a city. Niburu burns to the ground.

53 AD | 4053 FY  – Ispatia dies after Anubis sucks out her life force to resurrect Set.

67 AD | 4067 FY – Niburans sack Hagen in and steal the Eternal Flame.

68 AD | 4068 FY – Emit takes back the Eternal Flame and returns it to Hagen. Word of his achievement spreads and he is soon besieged by requests from countries for help in their wars.

119 AD | 4119 FY – Niburan Emperors start to build a series of walls around the Empire.

388 AD | 4388 FY – Ispatian becomes the dominant religion of Niburu.

499 AD | 4500 FY – The Puntian Empire falls after Fantastican forces invade Kathara. The entire continent of Kathara belongs to Fantastica.

502 AD | 4502 FY – First windmill invented in Kathara.

1023 AD | 5023 FY – Paper money originates in Nysa.

1102 AD | 5102 FY – Fall of Niburu.

1177 AD | 5177 FY – First recreational wizard duel is held.

1203 AD | 5204 FY – England attacks Hagen and attempts to steal the Eternal Flame. Passage between Earth and Fabella is halted and covered up.

1217 AD | 5217 FY – The Malloc Empire gains complete control of Sakria.

1239 AD | 5239 FY – Peryton Jousting gains popularity in Avalon.

1244 AD | 5244 FY – Sleeping Beauty falls under the Eternal Sleeping Curse.

1280 AD | 5280 FY – Invention of the Invisibility Cloak.

1299 AD | 5299 FY – The Banshee Plague becomes widespread.

1300 AD | 5300 FY – Spectacles are invented in Euplar. Become common with scholars.

1305 AD | 5305 FY – The Great Famine reduces crops and devastates Avalon.

1317 AD | 5317 FY – End of the Heart War. Aphrodesia faith is forced into hiding.

The Pioneer Age

Overview: Angels mapped the entirety of Fabella by the early Civilization Age and it was relatively easy to travel long distances over water on any winged mount. Because of this, there was never any period of real discovery in regards to land. The Pioneer Age was an era when people really started to spread out. The push to explore and expand boundaries extended to nations all over the world as many wars were started over invasion from neighboring countries. Deep sea ocean exploration rose in popularity among the scientific world and this period marked several profound discoveries in the scientific community. Notable concepts include magical physics, biological effects of shapeshifting, and subterranean exploration.

1346 AD | 5346 FY – Anubis unleashes the Bubonic Plague on China and Europe.

1375 AD | 5375 FY – Enslavement of halflings becomes widespread.

1400 AD | 5400 FY – First assembly of the Fabellan World Court to hear cases of international nature.

1408 AD | 5408 FY – Set and Occult leaders storm the Ispatian city of Luboc.

1454 AD | 5454 FY – Fairy dust starts being used as a tradable good and power source.

1466 AD | 5466 FY – The Printing Press debuts in Fantastica.

1476 AD | 5476 FY – The reign of Dracula begins in Euplar.

1484 AD | 5484 FY – Tara, Daughter of Hogan, slays Set. Invention of the flying broom.

1485 AD | 5485 FY – Anubis releases the “Sweating Sickness” on Aflar and Fantastica.

1499 AD | 5500 FY – Emit and Tara establish St. Tara’s Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences.

1506 AD | 5507 FY – Leonardo Da Vinci paints Bastet as the Mona Lisa.

1555 AD | 5555 FY – Theatre takes the world by storm and Fabella becomes a theatre oriented society.

1576 AD | 5576 FY – Traneo Vesto creates the first complete map of Fabella.

1584 AD | 5584 FY – After a play mocks him, Anubis burns the famed Pinnacle Theatre of Fantastica to the ground.

The Age of Revolution

Overview: The Age of Revolution was marked by extreme cases of civil unrest. The breakout of the Second Titanic War fueled distrust in children and teens in regards to adults so much that it led to the Youth Revolt of 5719. Other notable revolts in this period are the First and Second Halfling Uprising, and the Sheban Civil War. This period is also marked by revolutionary concepts like Blind Trials and Democracy. Tradition was no longer tolerated by the public so they employed new methods believed to make the world better. Change doesn’t often go over well and that’s why this period has the most conflict.

1600 AD | 5600 FY – Tobacco is introduced to Fabella.

1642 AD | 5642 FY – The Inferno of 5642 engulfs Fantastica.

1650 AD | 5650 FY – Plebian Uprising occurs in Avalon.

1680 AD | 5680 FY – Introduction of the microscope in Elpis.

1693 AD | 5693 FY – Small Pox ravages Euplar and Sakria.

1700 AD | 5700 FY – Invention of the steam engine.

1706 AD | 5706 FY – Shebans revolt against the Mallocs of Sakria. The Sheba Union is born.

1710 AD | 5710 FY – Halfling Revolt takes place in Avalon. Halfling enslavement in Avalon ends.

1718 AD | 5718 FY – Youth Revolt. Children vs. Adults. Children win independence and found the country of Pandemonium aka Neverland.

1732 AD | 5732 FY – Mothers of Innovation Shrine dedication in Elpis.

1800 AD | 5800 FY– The USS Insurgent crash lands in Fabella. Introduction of gun powder and ammunition.

The Machine Age

Overview: The Machine Age was a period of extreme change for Fabella. Technology made leaps and bounds in this era, thanks largely to the discovery of steam for use as a power source. Without question, the most significant event of this era was the rise of the Bloodborne Empire in the Auslar. The outbreak of the First Continental War pitted the Western Hemisphere of Fabella against the Eastern Hemisphere.  The war raged on from 5860 – 5891. The inventions of machine guns and landmines are credited with helping the Bloodborne Empire claim victory. Other notable events include the Flight of Elpis, introduction of railways, steam powered prosthetics, invention of the radio, the first cable car system, and mirror messaging.

1806 AD | 5806 FY – Steam powered accessories become the latest in fashion. Steampunk is born.

1807 AD | 5807 FY – Import of halfling slaves to Fantastica is outlawed.

1810 AD | 5810 FY – Anubis resurrects Set by using dead body parts an his preserved head to reanimate his corpse. The story makes its way to Mary Shelley who later writes “Frankenstein.”

1834 AD | 5834 FY – Petosia reforms its constitution to outlaw slavery.

1835 AD | 5835 FY – Sir Seta Sepquill publishes his findings of Subliminal Stunt Syndrome.

1842 AD | 5842 FY – Invention of the steam powered locomotive. Fantasticans complete the first railroad. Railroads start to become ubiquitous throughout Fabella.

1849 AD | 5849 FY – Laxarians begin breeding cu-sith dogs for conglong herding.

1850 AD | 5850 FY – Mirror Messaging is released to the public. People can now converse over special full length mirrors in their home.

1851 AD | 5851 FY – Jophar Vorin, an elf, reveals secret information on Fabella to German officials.

1852 AD | 5852 FY – Tracking of monster migrations is developed. Monster Migrations start being reported as big weather events.

1854 AD | 5854 FY – Kathara becomes the first slave free continent.

1856 AD | 5856 FY – Dr. Freder Meder is first to write that magic may be spreading harmful bacteria that results in illness. He is laughed out of the “Fraternity of Theory,” and his findings are widely panned.

1862 AD | 5862 FY – Landmines are invented in Euplar during the First Continental War.

1863 AD | 5863 FY – Avalon develops first steam powered warship.

1874 AD | 5875 FY – The Bureau of Magical Skill is founded in Avalon.

1890 AD | 5890 FY – Invention of the machine gun by the Bloodborne Empire helps them turn the Continental War to their advantage.

1891 AD | 5891 FY – The First Continental War ends. The Bloodborne Empire controls all of Fabella.

The Age of Domination

1892 AD | 5892 FY – English becomes standard across Fabella. Anyone who doesn’t speak it is severely punished.

1900 AD | 5900 FY – K. G. Grinde’s Whimsical Circus begins touring.

1901 AD | 5901 FY – The Fabellan World Court is disbanded by Bloodborne Rule.

1902 AD | 5902 FY – Pixie Dust is used to make ships fly for the first time.

1903 AD | 5903 FY – Elpis becomes the only free island after they successfully fend off Bloodborne Troops.

1904 AD | 5904 FY – The Bloodborne Empire stations flying warships over problem cities where revolts are feared.

1905 AD | 5905 FY – Rebels are corralled into holocaust like camps where experiments take place involving brain washing, mind control, and reactions to dark magic.

1910 AD | 5910 FY – The United Cars of Fabellan Railways, an entire country in a train, begins operation to flee from Bloodborne Rule.

1918 AD | 5918 FY – Afterlife Consultants start being employed to conduct screenings on the dead.

1921 AD | 5921 FY – Looseball gains popularity in Sakria.

1925 AD | 5925 FY – Quest for Cinderella’s slippers.

1926 AD | 5926 FY – Movable figurines debut. These figurines magically perform a stage show right in peoples homes. Becomes Fabellan version of television.

1929 AD | 5929 FY – Anubis begins controlling Hitler.

1935 AD | 5935 FY – Semi-automatic rifles issued to all Bloodborne Infantry troops as civil unrest grows.

1936 AD | 5936 FY – Hades commits the Cleavland Torso Murders, a violent string of beheadings, against keeping magic in the dark on Earth.

The Modern Age

1937 AD | 5937 FY – Amelia Earhart crashes in Fabella.

1938 AD | 5938 FY – Earhart becomes instrumental in reigniting a rebellion against the Bloodborne Empire. Continental War II begins.

1940 AD | 5940 FY – Fantastica is freed from Bloodborne occupation.

1947 AD | 5948 FY – A downed Fabellan aircraft is discovered in Roswell, New Mexico.

1952 AD | 5953 FY – Assassination of Amelia Earhart.

1955 AD | 5956 FY – Metal wands become the norm.

1963 AD | 5964 FY – Bastet, as the Babushka Lady, witnesses the death of John F. Kennedy.

1969 AD | 5969 FY – End of Continental War II. The Bloodborne Empire is pushed back to Auslar. Fabella is restored.

The Technological Age

1970 AD | 5970 FY – First Goodwill Games is held in Elpis to foster relationships between countries.

1972 AD | 5972 FY – Reformation of the Fabellan World Court.

1973 AD | 5974 FY – The Rowling Report publishes its article on the direct link to magic and spread of harmful bacteria affecting the health of the wizarding community.

1981 AD 5982 FY – The United States becomes the first country on Earth to permit travel between Earth and Fabella.

1982 AD | 5983 FY – Changelings start to be kept as pets.

1985 AD | 5986 FY – Phoenixes are put on the Endangered Species List.

1987 AD | 5988 FY – Jessica Moon competes in the Dodecathalon at the Goodwill Games.

2000 AD | 6001 FY – The sport of Dwarf Tossing is officially outlawed by the Fabellan World Court.

2009 AD | 6010 FY – Creature Census of 6010 conducted on all Fabellan animals to obtain accurate population and abilities. Largest biological census ever performed.

2012 AD | 6013 FY – Beginning of Apocalypse.

The Age of Apocalypse

2013 AD | 6014 FY – Anubis attacks the White House.

2014 AD | 6015 FY – Medusa abducts Hannah Merrywood.

2015 AD | 6016 FY – St. Tara’s Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences is destroyed. Stephanie LeFleur starts time traveling.

2016 AD | 6017 FY – Anubis gains entry into the White House using Donald Trump as his puppet. Anubis effectively becomes President of the United States.

2021 AD | 6022 FY – Nora Pinto and Jason Spencer crash in Fabella aboard Pangea Flight 632

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