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Just the FactsSAMSUNG CSC

Name: Dillon Foley

Born: December 4, 1987

Birthplace: Kalispell, MT.

Favorite Quote: “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

Early Writing Career

Dillon James Foley grew up in the picturesque small lakeside town of Somers, Montana. His boundless imagination led him to develop a brilliant mind geared toward creating original groundbreaking content for literature and film. He began writing at age 11 after being inspired to pen a novel about the Revolutionary War. Over time, he expanded his writing skill to include screenwriting and short story writing.

Creating Fabella

Archives of Fabella began development in 2007 after Dillon realized the fantasy genre was grounded in the dark ages and wondered what a world like Middle Earth might look like in modern day. Studies at the University of Montana made development slow, but he was eventually able to decide on a plot revolving around a young teacher being transported to an alternate universe comprised entirely of mythical creatures to rescue her kidnapped sister. By 2010, he had completed a screenplay on that premise called Escape to Klieo. Unhappy with the final product, he turned his focus toward creating a fully realized history for this fantasy world. After three years of research, Archives of Fabella: Volume One was finally published on Amazon Kindle Direct in 2013.

Coming Soon

In the coming year, Dillon Foley will complete work on his thrilling Science Fiction/Adventure novel Red Ascent: Part I. An interquel in the Archives of Fabella Universe called Gods of Egypt will rewrite Egyptian Mythology before Archives of Fabella: Volume Two is released.

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